Meet our tribe

We are a fun loving family, who can’t get enough of new experiences throughout the remarkable world we live in. We love to travel and we make it a priority.

We believe the best thing we can do for our family is to invest in experiences that will last long beyond any material things. We don’t have a lot of means to work with, so our traveling is mostly budget traveling. However, we feel that some experiences are worth the splurge. So I guess, it’s a bit of a mix between pinching pennies travel with a hi-so (high-society) flare.

We live and work in Thailand, which is a truly incredible place to call “home”. As a family (with kids) we have traveled to 11 countries, with at least three more already planned to explore by this time next year (stay tuned to find out more about those three countries!)


Follow us as we tell you about our fun and interesting adventures. Please feel free to comment and give us your input and suggestions. Thanks for stopping by to read.

Our Tribe

We are Keith– the up-for-anything dad

Then there’s Sarah– the planner and detail-oriented mom

Lauren– an adventurous four-year-old and amazing big brother. Some of Lauren’s favorites are the beach, trying new things (especially unusual foods), and playing with animals.

and, last but not least…

Margaret– our darling little girl. Margaret has an amazingly joyful disposition and loves to go for walks outside. She also loves animals, especially our cat Wilson.

Random family facts

  • Keith and Sarah competed on the show Fear Factor-season 7 (2012)
  • We have four pets: Our cat (Wilson), a fish named Mango, and two chickens (Nemo and Bunny)… not to mention all of the ants and geckos we have living in our house too. (life in the tropics has it’s ups and downs 😂)
  • Lauren is fully bi-lingual (Thai and English speaking)
  • Both Keith and Lauren love to eat durian. We are still waiting to see how Margaret feels about it.
  • Margaret’s Thai name means papaya.