Cruise across the Pacific Ocean

About a month ago, we posted about our 2017 travel goals. In that post, we talked about our upcoming plans for the year and told you to stay tuned for how we would make these goals happen.

Well, now that our plans have been more finalized, we are ready to share them with you!

We are so excited that this May we will be boarding a two week repositioning cruise on the Celebrity Millennium cruise line from Tokyo, Japan to Vancouver, Canada.

Wow! I still cant believe that we will really be crossing the entire Pacific Ocean! We have always wanted to take a repositioning cruise 1) because it seems so interesting to travel such far distances by boat and 2) because it is so much less expensive than traveling roundtrip on a comparable cruise.

Since we will have to travel from Thailand to Japan to get to the cruise’s starting destination, we decided to arrive in Japan two days prior to the cruise to visit some more of the beautiful country.

We will fly from Bangkok to Osaka and then travel to Tokyo and start our two week cruise from there.

Our cruise itinerary

We will start in Tokyo, Japan and will have 2-ish days there. Then we spend a day at sea and arrive in Hakodate, Japan on day 4. Next day is in Sapporo, Japan. Then we have a couple more days at sea and arrive in Petropavlovsk, Russia. We booked a shore excursion for our time in Russia, because the cruise line will take care of the visa for you if you book a shore excursion ahead of time #winwin The next day we leave for the long stretch across the Pacific Ocean. We will spend seven full days at sea and arrive at Vancouver, Canada on our final day.





We are still in the planning and researching phase of this trip. It almost feels overwhelming to have so many cities to look into and plan for. Yet it is so exciting to think that we will be able to see so many unique locations.

City List

    • Osaka, Japan


  • Tokyo, Japan



  • Hakodate, Japan



  • Sapporo, Japan



  • Petropavlovsk, Russia



  • Vancouver, Canada





Okay so here’s where you can help us. If you have any experiences in any of the cities we mentioned, please tell us about them. We want to get the most out of this experience! Also if you have any tips on cruising with kids we would love to hear those too! Thanks for sharing in this experience with us.