Tips on How to Stay Healthy while Traveling: everyday edition {part 1}

Hello! My name is Ashley Hasemeyer, also known as @mrsstevie or @naturalmindedmother.

family photo I am a mother of three littles & wife to Stevie who owns & runs our coffee roasting company @arcaderoasters in Southern California.

We love experiencing new places, food, & meeting new people along the way. Coffee shops tend to be our excuse for traveling near & far, but usually everywhere we go we take our children with us. Traveling for each family looks differently. We mostly choose to travel with our children, but have recently also done a longer & farther adventure (CA, USA to Bali Indonesia).  Just my husband & me, because it was our 5 year anniversary & to make up for the honeymoon we were never able to take.

travel destination poolside

But like I said, most of our experiences include our three small children.

family travelWe’ve learned over several experiences what works for us & what we will never do again! Some of that is in regards to where to sit on the airplane when you have a nursing baby, what to bring on the airplane to keep your little entertained, how to pack for so many people, & what to bring in order to keep everyone happy & healthy. It’s a lot to say the least!

I can very easily get wrapped up in all the possible scenarios that could happen once we leave our driveway & until we reach our final destination.  And I could just as easily reactively grab everything I possibly can off Target’s shelves trying to make those scenarios easier, but that’s impractical & expensive!

Booking flights, choosing where we are staying, & what we are eating are my husbands responsibilities. I’m super indecisive when it comes to choices like that. What I am good at, because I am a nurse, is prepping our bodies for wellness & keeping our bodies healthy while we travel and experience new things.

travel destination-bali<Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia>

Over the past two years I’ve found a really amazing company, Young Living Essential Oils. Their standards & mission are not like any other. That is why you will see so many of their products mentioned in my post. If Young Living offers it, I no longer buy it from Target, Clarks, Sprouts, Wholefoods, etc. Check out (Not to mention, supporting others through this type of business, multi-level marketing, is so much better than buying through mega corporations. )

They provide a wide variety of supplements that support & help keep our bodies well. Overall, we are healthier & recover quicker when we do become ill. Because vacation + not feeling good only = a very sad time. No one likes to become sick while traveling. From nausea on the plane to a cold, it’s never something we hope for.

Some things to consider, especially if traveling out of the country, is doing your homework on the place you are going to. It’s important to know the diseases you may come across & to seek proper medical advice regarding medications and other possible steps you may need to take in order to keep yourselves healthy & safe. If your travels with your family are local, then just pack the necessities & get on the road!

Health & wellness is something that comes from consistency & daily choices. I wanted to share through a series of posts what our daily life looks like, what traveling close by entails, & what it would look like if we go abroad!

*This is what works for us & my intentions are not meant to diagnose or treat. Everyone should consult with their physician of choice in regards to their health & wellness & to make the safest decision they see fit for themselves & their families.


Have you heard the phrase, “you are what you eat”? Well nutrition plays a key role into how your body maintains & fights off illness. Your immune system is fueled by your food & protecting it from anything that would like to inhibit it & confuse it.

Some other ways to support your body, especially because not everyone eats what their body needs & because based on where you live, the normal diet may vary, is through supplements that provide extra vitamins & minerals.
Multivitamins we use & other supplements.
Young livings Master formula. Immupro. Super B.

Health supplements adult young livingSome other supplements we use are AlkaLime, Powergize, Multigreens, Ningxia Red drink, and Life9 (its a great probiotic, which is essential for gut health, which is essential for immune support & proper digestion).

For the older kids:  Young Living KidScents MightyVites & MightyZymes.

Health supplements kids

For the baby:  ChildLife multivitamin & Mineral.

Health supplements babyWe also limit processed foods, sugar, dairy, and no juices, sodas, or other drinks high in sugar, dyes, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Eat Organic & limit eating out.

We live on a tight budget so eating organically is feasible. Buying locally grown or creating your own garden can really cut down costs as well.
Something that helps immensely is to simply replace processed drinks with water. Good ole fashion H2O. Drink it!

Travel water
We love Hydro Flask bottles because they’re stainless steel & keep our water cold forever. Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Wide Mouth with Straw Lid . It’s a great water bottle for everyday & while traveling!

We also use essential oils with an immunity blend. I created a blend for my husband & me, one for our girls, & 1 for our baby since dilution is based on age.

travel size essential oilsThe immunity blend consists of Young Living’s essential oils: Frankincense, Thieves, & Purification.
Regular exercise, adequate sleep, decreased stress ( there’s an oil for that!😜) & doing more of what you love are all are key ingredients to a healthy body, mind & overall wellness.

Thanks for letting me share what we do to support our bodies in wellness. Stay tuned for traveling locally & abroad!

NMM (@naturalmindedmother)